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Grandchild Difficulty Coping with Divorce
jimc_in_asheville posted:
After 10 years in an abusive marriage with a man who never worked or provided any financial support, my daughter (a veterinarian) finally found the resolve to get a divorce. She was granted custody of their 10 year old child (my granddaughter) with 10 hours per week custody for her ex husband. Instead of adhering to the custody order, my daughter is allowing her ex to spend time regularly with her and her daughter doing things that a nuclear family would do. She thinks it makes it easier for her daughter. When my daughter doesn't go along with these kinds of visitations, her ex portrays my daughter as the "bad-guy" who is trying to break up their family. I think it is causing great psychological harm and confusion for my granddaughter about the nature of the relationship between her parents and the status of their family. When spending time with my granddaughter, I have seen her manifest behavior indicative of depression, anger and confusion. What do you think?
momuv4girls responded:
I think this young girl would benefit from some counseling - your daughter too.

Your daughter needs to explore why she picked such a loser, made a child with him, and now exposes her daughter to this abuse.

Very sad to watch, and if I were you, I would spend as much time with your granddaughter, and call CPS if you suspect any abuse.
She needs protection.

mariajohnson responded:
You granddaughter is suffering in this whole situation. You spend more time with your granddaughter and do not let her go in depression. You granddaughter's life should not be affected she deserves to be happy and lead a happy life. Look after her.
sluggo45692 responded:
Your daughter is still being a floor mat. She's still being manipulated by the ex-husband and your grandchild is suffering from it. The courts seen that your grandchild should only be exposed to this loser for 10 hours a week. Your daughter needs to adhere to it. It's not to portray her as the villian, but as a caring and loving parent, who wants to protect her child.

I would suggest counceling for both and a guardian ad litem for the grandchild. Protecting our children is always the number one thing in our lives. An abusive ex can pound sand and get nothing. He hasn't anything coming.

Good Luck

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