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Unsociable 16 Year Old Son
An_254833 posted:
My son through the age of 1-10 was the most sociable kid you'd ever meet, he'd listen to you and take anyones well being before his. Once he hit middle school he started to withdraw from his social life. He wouldn't go hang out with his friends. Would avoid having people over, and recently his grades have been dropping. He's been hospitalized for depression and apparently has tried killing himself. I have no idea what has gone wrong for him. He still plays sports, but beyond that he rushes through his homework and plays videogames either on his xbox or computer. He's even starting to use his allowance to only buy videogames and his dean has seen him skip lunches, I would assume to avoid spending money. He was a bit overweight but now he's losing weight in a bad way. My last straw was when he had a "friend" over (he doesn't call anyone friends) and he asked me when he was leaving in front of the kid! I just want him to be happy and sociable. I never hear of any girls or good friends. It's just videogames and sometimes how his basketball/soccer games went. I'm afraid as he withdraws more he will take action in killing himself again and I couldn't bear to lose him. My younger son (10) is the complete opposite of him and I don't know what I did wrong with my oldest. Any advice?
momuv4girls responded:
The onset of puberty and hormonal change can often times be the start of depression for those predisposed to the illness.
This is a "chemical imbalance" - - not a parenting thing.

You say " He's been hospitalized for depression and apparently has tried killing himself."
Does this mean you didn't know he tried to commit suicide?

What type of help is he getting? Does he take medication?
Does he see a Dr. regularly?

I would take his behavior very seriously and seek outside help for him ASAP.
Here is a fact sheet on suicide:

I urge you to find your son some serious help, he can feel better.
Take care,
mariajohnson responded:
I think you should talk to him about this. Try spending more time with him. You play with him the outdoor games and indoor games. When you will spend time with him you will come to know what is he thinking.

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