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    am i the one thats crazy
    whattodo24 posted:
    hi, well i live with my boyfriend and we have a 5 year old together, he has 3 other kids with his exwife, who is also one of my best friends. his oldest son is 13, and has just recently come to live with us, well he is going thru "the changes" and has recently gotten caught looking at porn on the internet late at night on his mother's labtop, but most recently, i have noticed he has started unusal attachment to my daughter, who is his half sibling. he picks her up when she doesn't want to be picked up, he has her lay on him while watching movies and he strokes her hair in an awkward way, like a man would his wife. what really caught my eye is when we were all going for a drive and i heard him in the back saying to her "I dare you to kiss me", and it wasn't his cheek he offered, the other thing that bothered me was i was letting the dog out and he just walked out into the living room and pulled her pants down, including the underware and then when she stared to cry he tried to shut her up thinking i wasn't watching.
    we have been haveing attitude problems with him for a while now, the whole teenage rebellion thing but i feel lines are being crossed and i tried to talk to both his parents about my comcern and they look at me like i'm nuts. is there somthing i should be concerned about and what should i do i have no legal binding to this child but his parents are so blinded by thier own issues to listen or see whats going on. i'm so lost.
    Pauline03 responded:
    My hair on my neck just rose reading what you right. Go with your gut on this one. IF it feels icky & wrong - it is.

    Why is this child not living with his mom?

    I have teen boys and can tell you this is not normal. The sneaking porn part is however. but the rest - nope.

    Stand your ground & protect your daughter. Even if it is meant innocently - it may scar her for life.
    whattodo24 replied to Pauline03's response:
    he's not living with his mom b/c they were having issues, so were trying something and told him he could live with us, she lives right around the corner from us so she's not far. but this was never a problem until recently, he's been with us for 8 months now, and he is just giving me the creeps now. i'm a young mother and i'm just not sure what i should do or go about this, he is a good kid when people are around its when he's just in my care that he has began getting creepy, and makes me so nervous i can't sleep at night.
    Louise_WebMD_Staff replied to whattodo24's response:
    Protect your daughter. The porn is normal for his age. The stuff around your daughter--not cool, not normal, and not right.

    Look in the phone book for organizations that can advise you as to your next step. You need to do something today.

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