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My 9 year old daughter wetting her pants.
hnmom09 posted:
My daughter is 9 years old, and has been having periodic accidents at school. The incident that worried me the most was a few weeks ago, she was playing at recess and she wet her pants. Her teacher called me and asked me to bring some clean clothes to school and informed me she needed to discuss the incident with me. I was worried, to say the least, so I went to school immediatly! When I taked with the school secretary about the incident she told me the concerning part was that when my daughter had come to the office and told them she wet herself, she was laughing! Not just a snicker, but a full out laugh. She was dripping wet, like she didn't even try to stop peeing. She just let it flow.
This has happened a few times in the past year and ( less than 5). But is still VERY concerning. When we asked her why she did it, everytime, she says her friends were making her laugh to hard and she just couldn't stop.
In the past few years, my daughter has gone through an awful lot of emotional stressors. Her father and I haven't been together since she was 6 months old. And her father has had less that appropriate methods of diciplining our daughter. I don't believe, dispite her fathers history, that there has been any indication at all of any abuse, sexually or physically. I know he wouldn't do that to her.
She has been bullied from time to time at school for being "different', and for beine easy to pick on. She is often told that people enjoy picking on her because they like seeing her face look the way it does when she's upset. I have talked to my husband, her councelor and the school about this and efforts have been made to stop this from happening.
I guess what i'm asking is, should i be worried that there is some physical impediment causing my daughters wetting her pants? I am very worried and i just want to make sure that if anyone else has had some experience with this that could give any advice, I would greatly appreciate it.
Thanks for all your help!
momuv4girls responded:
It is difficult to know (without knowing your daughter), if these incidents are purely harmless or ?? BUT, my guess would be that they are just goofy girl stuff.

When I was young this happened to me often also. My girlfriends would make me laugh and I would wet my pants. It is something you learn to control as you get older (teenager), because obviously it would be SO embarrassing to wet your pants in High School. My mom used to be the same way.

It sounds like this has never happened to you, but when you do start to laugh really hard (and maybe she had a full bladder), it is nearly impossible to stop going once you've started. So you do end up soaking wet.

The whole incident doesn't sound out-of-whack to me, but I do see how if you don't have this "problem", then it would sound odd.

I just had to write, because I had similar situations in Elementary School, and the whole wetting my pants stopped at puberty.

Hope this helps ease your mind a bit !

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