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pnjeri246 posted:
Is it alright for a 13 year old to use tampons?
Boyzmomee responded:
I did and I'm now 51 so I survived.
phoenix31674 responded:
I don't see why not. You may need to buy the slender ones or ones for teens. and of course make sure she knows the dangers of leaving one in for too long, that tampons don't need to be full before they should be removed.
Ms_Candy804 responded:
I personally would say no. I think that 13 is too young to have to adjust to the manner in which you must use a tampon. I think that you should start her out on pads and when she is old enough to decide for herself whether or not she wants to use them, she can make the adjustment comfortably. I say for now just let her get used to having a monthly and adjusting to all of the changes her system/body is going to go through as a whole.
Boyzmomee replied to Ms_Candy804's response:
Adjust to the manner in which you use a tampon? It's really easy!

You just slip it in. Now they even have slender ones for young girls. I didn't have that when I was 13 and it worked just fine.

I was able to be much more active in sports, swim and it actually felt cleaner to me.
FCL replied to Boyzmomee's response:
I agree! There is absolutely no reason for her not to use tampons if she wants to. She'll probably feel a lot less self-conscious about them than she would with pads.
Boyzmomee replied to FCL's response:
Yes, there is no reason for her not to use them. I'm guessing she'll like them better.
Jaimarie_109 responded:
I honestly think thats a little too early, becuase im pretty sure she's still running around and still doing things that kids do, and wearing tampons is a big responsibility. You have to know when to take them out, and be clean about taking them out, and inserting them etc, just wait til she gets a little older, to where she will be responsible. Im not saying she's wouldnt be responsible, cause im pretty sure there is alot of 13 y/o out here wearing them, but ive always thought that was too young, just let her wear pads for a while, and if you see that she can change that, and taking care of herself with the pads, then maybe you can consider tampons.
***Jai'Marie :-), hope I helped.
Boyzmomee replied to Jaimarie_109's response:
It's actually the opposite.

Tampons allow you to "run around and do things that kids do."

They are promoted for active girls and girls in sports.

In reality, would it be easier to run around with a tampon inserted or something between your legs?

Tampons have to be changed just like pads.

I have used them since age 13 when I started.
Elizabeth_WebMD_Staff responded:
Here is an article written to answer teen's questions about this. It is written for the teen reader -

All About Menstruation

Even talks about tampons, pads and which to choose. What does your 13 year old want to use?

Me - I used tampons, could not stand how the pads felt.

Boyzmomee replied to Elizabeth_WebMD_Staff's response:
From the article:

"Teens can use tampons, pads, or both during their period."
tothebeach4 replied to Boyzmomee's response:
I agree.

I was a dancer growing up and started getting my period at age 11. Trying to dance in a leotard and tights during 3-4 hour sessions with a pad between my legs just was not an ideal situation. I think I used a pad for about an hour when I got my first period and quickly realized they were not for me.

To answer the OP, yes, it is alright for a 13 year old to use tampons.
An_221737 responded:
You should wait on the tampons and she should try them around the age of 16. Tampons open up doors other then stopping the bleeding but sexual ideals!!!!!
Jaimarie_109 replied to An_221737's response:
I totally agree....
Boyzmomee replied to An_221737's response:
You are mistaking hygiene fopr sexuality.

This young girl will be inserting a tampon not a penis.

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