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teenager and urrinating in wrong places.
An_221753 posted:
I have a good friend that has a 14 yr old boy. Recently there has been issues with his angry, and we suspended from school for 3 weeks. He has returned to school but there are issues that seem to be getting worse week to week.

There has been cases where he like to 'mumble' when told to do a chore or task and you can clearly here him express the curse words. and when you call him on it, he claims he never said it.

He has had his Xbox taken away, and wii. With that the mother's ipod touch 'was missing' for a few weeks and the day the xbox was given back to the boy the ipod touch was found under the sofa. Mom knew she looked there.

The child has been told to take angry management to keep the suspension off his record, however his actions are getting more agressive.

Over the weekend he 'accidently' shot his mom in the butt with an air soft pellet (kind of like a nerf gun) and when the TV and xbox was removed as punishment he peed all over her bed.

My friend is at her wits end, and it seems that peeing on moms bed has really hurt her emotionally and I have no suggestions on how to her her or the child.

momuv4girls responded:
Professional help - - start with a (male) Child Psychologist and go from there.

The son sounds like he has some deep rooted anger issues, and needs a strong male role model. Is his father in his life ?

bindedig replied to momuv4girls's response:
The father is in the life, every other weekend. Typical divorce situation. I know the father tries, not sure exactly what they do together, but they seem to have a good time.

They did go to a Psychologist and got the kid to give a few choice words about how mom is a bad mother. Clearly it is an anger issue.

I did live with them for about a year, and moved for a new job, but try to visit when I can. I think the kid liked that I was there, but I was having issues getting a career job.

I am not sure how things will work out, but they are trying. He has a lot of 'tasks' to do so the suspension is purged. Hopefully he will get all the tasks done, but I am not sure he cares or not.

The parents did come up with an interesting story about how mom found the bed covered in pee. They did not call him on that, but what they said to him was "Must have been the old greyhound that did it." So mom said if it happens again they will put the dog down, and give the other dog away.

It seems that the expression he made when mom said that was very odd. Clearly you could see that he knew if he told that he peed the bed there would be issues, and if he did it again mom would get rid of the dogs... I think that knowing what the consequenses are before you do something makes him stop and think a minute.

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