My 11 yr old StepDaughter Lies and Steals
An_239862 posted:
I am so totally burned out of my step-daughter and all her lying. Not just big lies but small ridiculous lies too and no punishment seems to help. We have tried talking to her to explain how terrible lying is, taking away tv, computer, cell phone, ipod, giving her extra chores, grounding her from friends and still no change the lying continues! The worst part is she tells horrible lies about her mom and her household and then about us to her mom getting everyone upset and arguing and we have tried counseling and it didn't help one bit. Does anyone have any tips, we are completely at a loss of what to do!!!
momuv4girls responded:
I'm sure this is very frustrating. You have a blended family and this can be extra tricky.

Just because you have tried "counseling" and it didn't work out, I wouldn't give up. All Dr.s and counselors/ therapists are not created equal - - keep trying and do some research. Talk to friends, pediatricians, and find a new, better Doctor.

When looking for a Child Psychologist for my daughter, I found 3- and went byself for an interview with them. I wanted to make sure the Dr. understood what I was looking for and if the Dr. was a good fit for my family and daughter.

Here is an interesting article about lying and children:

Hope some of this helps! Take care,
Boyzmomee responded:
It seems as if your step-daughter is getting a payoff by upsetting everyone around her and being the center of everyone's attention by her lying and disruptive behaviors.

I too, think another try at counseling would be a good thing. It would be beneficial if all of the adults involved could get on the same page about structure, rules and consequences.

Act in a matter of fact way when dealing with her and the adults should work with the therapist too.

Positive thoughts are sent your way.