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8 year old daughter: masturbating? unusual, concerning or normal?
kdc951 posted:
my daughter lies front side down, pushing up with her arms (applying pressure) to the pelvic area, and rocks back and forth. i assume she is "rubing" for stimulation. she mostly does it in her room, most recently on the corner of our ottoman (obivously she thought no one was around). i have noticed this more in the last year or so. is this normal exploring of her body or..........
fcl responded:
This is perfectly normal. Just keep reminding her to do it in her own room (or the bathroom) because it's a private activity (mind you, it sounds as if she already knows that)
Elizabeth_WebMD_Staff responded:
In addition to the great info FCL provided, I wanted to pass along this article -

Caught Your Kid Masturbating?

Hope this is helpful,
Boyzmomee responded:
Anon_20616 replied to Boyzmomee's response:
I My daughter had displayed the same kind of behavior at the age of 7.
I had spoken with psychologist as well as our family Doctor, I had expressed my concerns about her behavior. I had only my gut feeling something is wrong. When we were at the social service office, I had pulled myself together so that I would not cry as i had just explained good touch and bad touch as well as making sure she knew she would not be in trouble and that her behavior is not appropriate. I had read that it is important to let them know that she has been shown was not appropriate to do in front of anyone. I am so very sorry that I was not able to protect her.. I just held her, the social worker had said she felt that something had happened she was contacted after the school had done a good touch bad touch seminar and my daughter then told her friend who told her mom and then the school called me. And had done a interview with her, and she had said my step father had been touching her and he told her if she told she would make all of us cry.
Well I took a deep breath and held back the tears and told her she did the right thing.
She still was worried about Grandpa going to jail. I felt that was a safe place for him.
I held her close and to her that she had been so brave now he wont ever be able to hurt another child again I told her because she spoke out and said what had happened to her we can now get him help for what ever has caused him to do what he had done to her. I just praised her for her bravery and finally she smiled as she realized that she had been able to get him help for his sickness.
I was never going to make her feel as I was made to feel when I had been raped as a child and no one was willing to help me. I thought of what I had gone through and what she is gong to go through!
I had read up on how to be positive and help her understand as she gets older she knows it was not her fault and she needs to work through the feelings that will change over time as she gets older she soon realizes what he had done and all the hurt that will come out in time.
I feel so guilty becauseI had asked my Mom, Brother, and Husband could my step dad be touching my Daughter? I was shot down as they felt I had been looking for a way to hurt him ever since he hit on me. I had told him I am your daughter! What about my MOM. He did not care and only wanted to be with me!
After he had continued to hit on me and not take me serious That I would tell her what he was doing, I had not wanted to hurt her. I finally told her since he insisted on hitting on me! I had been his daughter for 19 years and he had been such a wonderful understanding and kind father to me. What happened to him to cause him to just begin to molest his Grand Daughter. I was going through my divorce and was wanting to get comfort from my parents, yet my Mother had chosen to stay with him, I could not believe he was confessing what he wanted to buy me sexy close. I could not understand how my mom could stay after the awful things he had said about her. I have to leave this in Gods hands and I know God will help me.

Pasted from < >
donnadelay responded:
My daughter does it as well. We have always taught her that it is not something she can do in public-she can do it in her room with door closed. The problem is, that she is ADHD and when on stimulant meds she does it almost obsessively at school-rubbing on her chair, etc. She is in second grade and some of the other children have made comments, We have spoken to her and her doctor, but nothing seems to work. We are trying different ADHD meds., but the stimulant-based meds seem to be the only ones that work. My doctor suggested putting her on another med. to decrease her libido. Any suggestions??
BLU_HART40 replied to Anon_20616's response:
I read your story and it really hit home/youre in my prayers. Just continue to trust in God and he will bring you through to your joy. Just remember that as hard as it is/try to find it in your heart to forgive. I know its hard/I'm still trying to forgive now.

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