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    16 yo son with high blood pressure?
    healthyjob posted:
    I took my son for his annual physical and his blood pressure was high for the first time. He is @ 5'11'' tall, @ 145 lbs, plays football with year round conditioning, eats ok and we have no family history of high blood pressure. I am at a loss as to how this has come up so suddenly and what we need to be concerned going forward. Obviously I am trying to make dietary changes, but any other suggestions would be helpful. I am very much into natural and holistic health practices so jumping to a blood pressure medication is not something I am willing to entertain at this time. Thank you!
    Elizabeth_WebMD_Staff responded:
    Hi and Welcome healthyjob -

    It certainly sounds frustrating to have a physically active son with high blood pressure.

    What is his blood pressure? Was it consistently high through out his appointment? Did they take it at the beginning and then again before you left?

    Here a few resources to check out -

    Mediation Helps Lower Teen Blood Pressure
    High Blood Pressure and Your Teen
    High Blood Pressure Risk Looms for Teen Boys

    Hope this is helpful,
    healthyjob replied to Elizabeth_WebMD_Staff's response:
    Thank you for your reply Elizabeth. It was taken 2x at the dr's office and my hubby (EMT) has been taking it in both arms also.
    2/14 ~ L 132/72 R 136/68
    2/16 ~ L 138/70 R 132/76
    2/25 ~ L 128/78 R 130/78
    3/4 ~ L 142/78 R 138/80

    I am very concerned and am looking to completely change our family meal plans. It's going to be difficult as my hubby & 2 boys do not care for fruits/veggies:( Any suggestions for low sodium cooking for picky eaters would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!
    Elizabeth_WebMD_Staff replied to healthyjob's response:
    Changing meals, especially likes and dislikes, will be tough but you and your family can do it!

    You will have to sneak in the fruits and veggies somehow. First start with the sweet stuff - carrots, red pepper strips, green peas, grapes, watermelon, peaches, apples.

    Salt can hide in many foods, this slideshow will shows what to stay away from - Salt Shockers High Sodium Surprises .

    See more about low sodium cooking -
    Low Sodium Recipe and Cooking Tips
    Sodium Directory

    Please also post to our Food & Cooking Community for possible expert and more member response.

    Keep us posted,
    healthyjob replied to Elizabeth_WebMD_Staff's response:
    Thank you very much Elizabeth! I know it's going to be a long and difficult road but our entire family will benefit by changing to healthier meals. I will post in the Food & Cooking Community now.
    tsabrina84 responded:
    Hi from reading your posts it looks like you should watch his diet. Make sure it is a low salt diet. My son is 17 and was just diagnosed with high blood pressure. It also runs in my family he weighs 265 pounds. He also had some protein in his urine so now he has been diagnosed with FSGS a rare kidney disease. The doctors say anytime the blood pressure stays high it can result in kidney failure so just keep check on it. I hope this information was helpful.
    healthyjob replied to tsabrina84's response:
    I am sorry to hear about your son's diagnosis but I really appreciate you sharing that with me. My son has always struggled with staying hydrated and we're finding out this plays a big part of his blood pressure as well. Thankfully since we stopped eating processed/boxed/canned convenience foods and he started taking a natural supplement from our wellness store, his blood presssure has gone down:) YAY! Praying for you and your son that his health continues to improve. Blessings:)

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