need help with a 14 yr old
lishers101 posted:
have a 14 yr old step daughter were if she dont get her way she does something stupid the first time she cut herself, the second time she tried to kill herself and the last time she lied to the police while we were out of town for a couple of days. she does things when she dont get her way or if we make her upset my husband, her mother and i are tired of it we dont know what to do she sees a therapist but he says theres nothing wrong with her that she is a normal happy teenager but no matter what we do she does those things and they have been getting worse. please help if you got any ideas
momuv4girls responded:
This 14-year old girl is screaming for help, and I hope a good Dr. is found to help her before its too late, otherwise she'll find her own way to cope.........drugs, bad boyfriend(s), pregnant, severely injured...............

I urge you, to urge her parents to find her a top-notch Child Psychiatrist.

Take care,
Elizabeth_WebMD_Staff responded:
Hello lishers101 and Welcome,

I am so sorry your family is going through this, in addition to the information Kathleen provided we wanted to share these resources -

Crisis Resources
Teen Behavior and Discipline

A new therapist may be necessary - cutting and attempting suicide are not traits of a "normal happy teenager". Talk with her pediatrician about a new referral.

Hope you are able to get help soon,