Teenage pathalogical liar
tangerinalou posted:
I'm at the end of this I don't no how to help my 15 year old stepdaughter. She came to live with her Dad and our kids last fall and well we are now seperated. She now admits she had every intention of splitting us up and he now sees that but, I don't know what to do she has hurt our kids and I need to protect them.I feel bad because she has never had a family and wanted it but once she got it did not know how to treat it. I love him and her but need to protect my kids. Does anyone have any advice? I'm not sure what to do......
Anon_3114 responded:
Have her see a therapist, or perhaps be open to family counseling. Even from your brief post, it sounds like she's had a rough life, and seeing someone who can give her professional advice and solace might help her.

How is your relationship with her? How has she hurt your kids?