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    My 7 year old pees all over his room, and sits in his feces
    krystle27 posted:
    My son is 7 and does some disturbing things. i'm in the process of having him tested soon. He sits there all day sitting in his feces and not tell anyone, he just hides it in his laundry. he says he is scared or afraid he won't make it. He rubs it wherever if he touches it. He pees in his pants or he pees all over his room. He has been peeing in my floor heaters recently which goes to every room. It is really out of control, and he says it's because he is mad at me or my husband because we punish him or shut t.v off on his favorite show. This issue is very hard to deal with and it's not fun. i was reading some online stuff and I came across "Encopresis". It caught my eye with his feces issue, not sure if it explains his problem on what going on. I still don't have an answer or idea of the pee, but I thin it's to pay me back. He is 7 and he feels rules don't apply, he should do what he wants and not get in trouble. The lack of help in the community doesn't help either. I fear for my son and the things he does, he lies so bad, it's hard to control. I tried reverse physiology, piece of candy every time he didn't pee the bed. Instead, he starts peeing in the floor vents that our heat comes from. All for candy, he played me. He has no feeling or emotion for anyone else or himself. It's like he doesn't even have a conscience. I know he is only 7, but it's really bad, and I don't know what to do anymore, i'm at my end. Not to mention I have a 4 yr old girl, who has to be in her room because of the things my son does. It is not fair to her, I feel by him wiping his feces everywhere and the peeing in the heating vent is not normal nor safe. This is a lot for one person to handle. i need answers, so I can help him. If this is something he can't control, I feel I haven't handled it well by punishing him, but pull- ups were needed, it's an everyday/night thing. Just barely getting help now for it. He is afraid of his father wants nothing to do with him, but punch him in the face when he gets older. My son wants to hurt himself because he doesn't want to be a teenager, or deal with is father, he feels he is nothing and no one cares. We do everything we can with him, but when he does these things, it makes it hard to want to do anything. I hope someone out there can give me some advice, I need it. He has an appt to have his rectum checked, he is in therapy, he takes Concerta, and a sleep aid. He also has an appt to see a neurologist, but not til June. So until than I have no clue anymore. Please Help!!!!!
    momuv4girls responded:

    *I am sorry*
    You have a very, very difficult situation and you need some professionals on your team to help and guide you.

    So, what does his pedi say about all this??? What is the therapist he sees say? Is the therapist a Child Psychologist?

    IMHO, you need a smart, skilled, board certified Child Psychiatrist to evaluate your son also - besides the neuro.

    You mention the lack of community support - this may be true depending where you live. If you write back with your city/state of residence I will do my best to send you some links of organizations that may be helpful / support to you.

    Take care Mom,
    roliver81 responded:
    Are you aware of any issues or abnormal behavior coming from the father toward the son? How does Dad respond to his son's behavior and accusations? If your son is already seeing a therapist, I doubt we'd be of much use to you, other than being supportive of course. If he's acting out about television, I'd take the television out entirely. My kids became too emotionally attached to TV, which is already an unhealthy form of entertainment, so I had the cable shut off. Since then, they're attitudes toward each other and time spent after school has improved drastically.
    Don't be overly hard on yourself. Even though your son is seven and more than likely can and certainly should be controlling his bowel movements, blaming yourself is only going to cause more stress and raise the tension further.
    I'd really like to talk more about this with you if you need someone to share with. I've had a problem with my seven year old daughter and accidents so I can only imagine what you're going through. Hang in there!
    roliver81 replied to momuv4girls's response:
    krystle27 replied to roliver81's response:
    His father t around and been in 2 years. my fiancee has been in his life since he was 18 months old. my son lived with his father for 3 years when have a roof over my haed. think a lot happened and know what it could have been. for almost a week now he has had meds to help go to the bathroom and it still coming out. he is starting to hit himself. the community help sucks where live in NH. my son is afraid of his father and want to see him, he has dreams about him.
    roliver81 replied to krystle27's response:
    I see, so he lived with his father without you for some time, yes? I understand all too well that when kids are acting out they seem to have lost their conscience but the problem really lies in they have no control over many of their responses after they've been hurt. They haven't lost it; they just don't know how to connect to it or it hasn't been able to fully develop under good guidance.
    It sounds like he has been through a lot in his short time and is unable to build a sense of security and allow a loving two-sided relationship to grow. I think there is very little advice we can give here that will improve things, short of making sure he can get to see a therapist, but I know it helps just to have someone to talk to and listen so please keep us updated.
    Is he seeing a therapist now? Are you able to afford or find insurance for help? If he is seeing one, what does the therapist say to you about your son?
    On a practical note, have you tried pull ups? I resorted to using them with my daughter while she was having accidents. I was never able to determine the cause of her relapse and tried the medicine but finally gave into pullups. I've been told various people in my family's history have had similar issues and grown out of it.
    Anyway, remember: don't beat yourself up and keep sharing.
    jjjjsrigdon responded:
    My 7 yr old daughter has been acting similar, She pooped on her step brothers bed and tried to blame it on the dog ( it was the top bunk) and she pees in containers in her room and mixes it with other things and plays with it, and shes peed in her closet a few times, she steals, lies, and destroys everything in the house, she will even dump out brand new bottles of dish soap, shampoo, and other bottled things in the house. Shes always been the mess maker of the family but her attitude is getting worse and the messiness has gotten worse,if i ask her to clean her room, shell make an even bigger mess, ive tried offering rewards for good behavior, restrictions for bad behavoir, im at my witts end, i have a 11 month old little girl who is supposed to share a room with her sister soon but i cant even concider it because of how my older daughter treats her things and other peoples things, i dont want her to ruin any of the babys things, i cant even buy nice things for myself like makeup, lotions or jewlery because no matter where i hide it she gets it and ruins it. i dont know what to do and i dont have anyone to talk to about it, it says you're from NH... i am too but i live in FL right now, if you have any advice for me please share, im tired of crying every day over the stress
    momuv4girls replied to jjjjsrigdon's response:
    Hi Mom,

    This sounds like a volatile situation that needs some professional intervention in my opinion.

    Your daughter needs to be seen by a professional to get to the root of her destructive behavior, because I can almost guarantee without intervention these behaviors will escalate.......

    You need help and support also, this is exhausting to deal with.
    I urge you to seek out a smart, board certified Child Psychologist and/or Child Psychiatrist to evaluate her.

    Your daughter is young, and there is hope. You must seek help for her because I imagine she is having a lot of mixed emotions she doesn't know how to deal with appropriately.

    Here are a couple links for you to explore that may help you find a Dr. and some resources in your area:

    Take care, and write back anytime!

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