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Preteens on birthcontrol
An_245919 posted:
I'm sure there are medical issues, such as a family history of pollops, that constitutes birth control at an early age but I know a woman that has put her twelve year old on birth control siteing that she has heavy periods. Am I wrong in thinking that just a few months of birth control could possibly resolve this? She also insists that her daughter be best friends with the mothers best friends' daughter (13 years old). The best friends daughter was recently caught getting into trouble with an older man(30 years old). I sorry but it is just WRONG to put your daughter on birth control to keep her from getting pregnant. BE A PARENT!!!!! By the way, no charges were brought, what so ever, against the man.
fcl responded:
Birth control is a med. It can be prescribed for many things other than contraception. You really need to accept that fact.
phoenix31674 responded:
BC does have other medical uses such as helping with heavy periods and menstrual cramps.

And being a parent is not always the last word in whether a child will have sex. You can tell your kids the importance of waiting until you older. You can tell them the risks of disease and pregnancy and how that can completely turn your world upside down until you are blue in the face. You can be respectful and answer all their questions. You can put your foot down and been adversarial about pre-marital sex. But in the end, teens and preteens have very poor decision making skills. That part of the brain is one of the last to develop and they are subject to a flood of hormones that they are trying to come to grips with and it may not matter how much you teach and preach to your child. It doesn't help that TV shows and movies are loaded with consequence free sex.

I'm not saying I'm going to put my 12 year old on birth control, but depending on the environment where you live, peer pressure and the fact that 'everyone is having sex' it's better than having your 12 year old get pregnant.

As to the friend's daughter and the older man, sounds like the friend really doesn't care about her daughter's well being. That man should have been turned into the cops.

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