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    Parents of Tweens and Teens - Welcome to your home!

    Bundles of hormones, emotions, and insecurities. Rebellion, dating, school problems, peer and societal pressures, its our job to see these kids to adulthood. Get the support you need here!

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    Teenage Drug use
    momoffiveinsc posted:
    I am the mother of 5 (2 girls 18,16, boy/girl step twins 15, and a little one 3)....I recently discovered my steps are smoking marijuana (often). I am SHOCKED by this because they are otherwise smart, good kids. Their father and I are completely at a loss for how we we do the tough love thing....(take away privileges, cell phone, computer ect...), call the cops or do they need compassion and counseling for what might be a bigger problem?? How can we insure this stops now before it becomes an even bigger problem?
    Elizabeth_WebMD_Staff responded:
    Hi and Welcome Momoffiveinsc -

    I can understand how this is a major concern and how you react will set the tone for many years of communication, discipline and consequences.

    Here are some resources to help talking with the twins and your other kids and figuring out appropriate responses to behaviors -

    Going to Pot: The Risks of Smoking Marijuana
    How to recognize and deal with teen substance abuse
    Talking to Teens - Tips for Better Communication
    Talking With Your Teen About Sex, Drugs, and Money

    Other parents - Any suggestions to help this mom out?

    Please let us know if this is helpful and keep us posted,
    Elizabeth_WebMD_Staff responded:
    I wanted to pass along a response from our Parenting Community -

    harrybrown3 responded:
    Don't call the cops. That could cause more trouble than you might want to get into.

    There's nothing wrong with tough love but every child is different. Most likely it's the friends they are hanging out with and pot is very common even in school these days.

    I think I would take away the phone and other things they love and really sit down and talk with them. Punishment alone isn't going to change anything.

    Good luck. Your in a tough spot.
    fed_up22 replied to harrybrown3's response:
    Hello, I have been going through almost the same thing with my almost 15 year old. I know that she has been smoking weed and I have taken her cell phone and anything else that she loves away, but than just the other day I caught her going in my med drawer and taking out my Seroquel. She has also told me that she has been stealing my pain meds, and also doing subutex. I dont know what else to do. My ex-husband (her father) told me to send her away, he knew all this and even added that she has been having sex with a 19 year old. I love my daughter with all of my heart but I am at wits end with her and I can't take much more. Please if someone out there can help me help her please do so. Thank You
    Elizabeth_WebMD_Staff replied to fed_up22's response:
    Hi fed_up22 -

    Have you taken her to a doctor, pediatrician or counselor? Sitting down with a neutral person to explain what these drugs can do, how they can affect her, the consequences involved with stealing and consequences of sex may be a start.

    The articles referenced above and Dr. Benaroch's link may provide good talking points.

    I am so sorry your family is going through this, please keep us posted about how you are doing. Sharing your experience (what works and what doesn't) really helps others in this community.


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