My 12 Year Old Son - Dizzy and Weak Almost Daily
An_247923 posted:
My 12 year old son is dizzy for 5 minutes to all day long. He is active. He can play basketball, soccer or ride a bike for 5 to 10 minutes and gets dizzy. Loud noise (perhaps coincidentally) will also make him dizzy. If his dizzy gets extreme he becomes VERY weak and is exhausted. He has seen ENT and heart specialist. He has had full CBC, lyme disease, thyroid, iron and diabetes tests, all come back normal. He has also had full EKG and Ultrasound on heart and MRI (limited due to braces) all come back fine.

I am at a lose and looking for more ideas to help him get better. Can migraines cause this BAD pain or seizures or .... If migraine what meds can help with out aggrevating dizziness???

Any help is appreciated!
An_247977 responded:
My son had similar dizzyness. Only he plays football, basketball and baseball, when he would sit down and relax he was fine but if he stood up to fast he would get dizzy, fall down and pass out. Not sure what the problem was but I made sure he was getting more rest, more fluids and made him eat more protien. Haven't had the problem in 6 months.
MichelleAve responded:
Is he getting enough rest? Does he drink enough water every day? And not soda, or energy drinks. Is he eating well, and getting enough protein?
thistledown1973 responded:
Read up on Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome; the symptoms you both describe sound like this condition.