Generalized body stiffness
lovedogs1955 posted:
What is the cause of waking up in the morning and feeling like my whole body is "stiff"? It occurs sometimes with me and this morning is one of those mornings---it's a real doozy.
worn1 responded:

I'm sure Dr Stacy will correct me if I am wrong.
I also am stiff in the mornings but the stiffness ebbs with the taking of medication in conjuntion with movement. I think it may be due to low levels of dopamine and when you take your medication it starts production of dopamine and exercise speeds up the production. Just my guess

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lovedogs1955 replied to worn1's response:
Worn1, I sort of figured that might be the reason. Since I am not able to tolerate the "usual" PD medications, I just have to work through it. It's the same type of "freezing" that happens with my mouth and diaphragm. Oh well.....thanks.