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    Includes Expert Content
    why is it.....
    Anon_157363 posted:
    Why is it after three years of testing and no answers from the doc's, that when ever you try to describe your fuzzy brain issues you get told right away that your depressed or stressed.And prescribe a medication that just makes you mor dizzy than you alrady feel. I tell them I'm alresdy very dizzy 24/7 and this will make it better? I jump through the hoops and take it just to give it a shot and yep dizzy ten fold even throwing up now. I call them to tell them as to whats going on and they take me off the med. Then upon seeing them again I get told I'm depressed again and stressed so again they give me another drug and yep dizzy ten fold again and yep the vommiting starts up and I call again and get taken off the drug again.

    Even after three years of testing and I've asked the docs what tests have'nt I had and got told just about every test was given to you. And I ask and you can't find out what this is or even tell me what was checked for or what has been ruled out? Not even a clue as to whats wrong? after three years?Oh I get told you must be stressed and depressed and give me another med. and once again dizzy ten fold and again get taken off the med.I mean whats going on here, Is it standard practice just to dissmiss your symptoms as just Depression and stress.This merry goround just has to be why this is not going in the right direction. And yes going through this for this long is stressful maybe even a little depressing. But who wouldn't be. I wish I could just take off my head and trade it with the doc's and say when ya get over the dizzieness and other symptoms, figure it out then we can trade back...Because This isn't all in my head.

    I wish it were, I could cope with it alot better if it were.You know whats really bad is these docs can't even agree if it's Neurological or Vestibular and the tests just keep getting repeated and guess what else dose too,,you got it Your depressed and stressed, O.K. Do we Really have to go through all this again? At least they do admitt that something is wrong but come on after three years you'd think they would have some kind of clue as to what's gong on here....Wouldn't ya......or at the very least what direction to go with it anyway....Why can't they just man up or woman up and say hey we just can't figure this out But we can send you to someone with a little more experience why could figure this out....But no back to you must be so stressed over this and depressed...this could explain why you are haveing so many symptoms so here try this med.....
    Gee...Thanks Doc.......
    Mark A Stacy, MD responded:
    Dear Anon_157363,
    It sounds like you and your doctors are not communicating very well. Since the only thing you can do about that is improve your communication, I would suggest you try to simplify your approach.

    It is great that you have had a complete work-up and there are no abnormalities to be found - also frustrating. I think the doctors are saying your symptoms are from stress and depression, and I would suggest you visit with the doctor with whom you feel most comfortable, and ask the doctor, "what should I do?" Then do that. If it does not work, then ask it again.

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