Newly diagnosed Parkinson's Disease Patient Scared to Death
Ktowngirl posted:
I am a 58 year old female who was recently diagnosed with PD and am scared to death of what is going to happen to me. I haven't told very many people about my diagnosis and am currently trying to work as long as I can. I have a presentation at work tomorrow with a small group and am concerned that I am going to shake and someone will notice. Can anyone give me any tips on how to "hide" the symptoms when I am in this type of situation?
cheney13 responded:
I do not no how well you no the ones you work with but it is best to let them no that way if they see you shaking they will understand. As far as your speaking keep the hand that is shaking busy keep your mind off it. Make sure you do not have anything with caffeine in it.
Most of all do not be ashamed of PD hold your head up high and trust in God. I look it in a positive way,if I did not shake I would not get any exercise at all.
Good luck
Ktowngirl replied to cheney13's response:
Thanks for the reply. My presentation went well and I don't think that I shook at all. I am still hesitant to tell anyone else at work because I don't want them "looking" for symptoms.