cubs19632 posted:
I have been sick for 6 months. the docotors can not find what is wrong. I am dizzy and always tired. My legs jump also my arms. I am over weight. They say I have sleep apnea. Before I get a machine I want to make sure this is the right direction. I have has a mri, ct and many blood tests. What sould I do now. I need to know what is wrong so I can get on wit hmy life.
worn1 responded:
The only area of medicine Dr Stach covers is Parkinson's.
If you do not like the diagnosis of sleep apena you may want to get a second opinion. If you are over weighy you most likely have sleep apenea. This would account for your fatigue. If you are considered obease try and loose weight. This will help with the sleep apnea and fatigue. I can not help with the dizziness and involuntary movement of your arms and legs.
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