Difficulty with handwriting
monpeduto posted:
My partner with PD for 2 years controlled by madopar has a lot of difficulty writing especially with others watching. He describes his hand and fingers stiffening up and being unable to move his hand across the page. This has been a huge problem for him obtaining employment since most jobs involve some paperwork. Any ideas on how this can be helped?
worn1 responded:
monpeduto does he/she find it difficult to grip the pen/pencil? Is the handwriting small and cramped? Is the arm and hand in so much pain at the end of the day that nothing releives the pain and all you can do is sit and cry? IF this is true I would see a neurologist. What I just described is a sign for Parkinson's. It may be something else such as a pinched nerve. Before seeing a neurologist you may want to see your GP first.
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