85 yr old mother with Parkinson Disease
sl52 posted:
Hi Dr. Stacy,

I have written to you in the past about my mom. She has PD about 8 yrs, Are there different stages of PD, and what are they. My mom can't stand for very long and freezes a lot when she does walk. She has a lot of back pain and leg spasms, and just lately she has a lot of mucus and has developed a cough, is this common in PD patients.

Thank you,

monroe63 responded:
My Doctor told me that there are five different stages. I'm not sure what the symptoms of each stage are
sl52 replied to monroe63's response:
Thank you monroe63 for replying, I'm probably going to set up an earlier app't with my mom's neurologist to see if I can get a definitive answer and find out what stage my mom is in.
wasap responded:
Hi Sandy, my 78 year old dad has PD. He has the back and leg pain and has begun to aspirate liquids. But lately he has a lot of mucus. DId you find out what is causing your mom's mucus.
sl52 replied to wasap's response:
Hi wasap,

I haven't asked her dr, about the mucus, but when she has her next appointment, I will.

Thanks for replying.