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    Dr. Stacy where are you?
    lovedogs1955 posted:
    I finally got a response from WebMD regarding our missing expert. They told me that the doctors are contracted for "limited times" and that the best way to maybe get an answer is to post with his name in the subject line.

    I replied back and told them that we are doing our best to help each other but really need and want our expert back.
    njladyluck responded:
    You go LoveDog - I am glad you are keeping on top of this!!!!
    lovedogs1955 replied to njladyluck's response:
    Thanks....I don't think there is much more I can do. All of us need to keep up on it so we can get either Dr. Stacey or someone else on board with us.

    Meanwhile, let's keep on posting and helping each other the best we can!
    worn1 replied to lovedogs1955's response:
    Morning lovedogs1955
    I have Come to the conclusion Dr Stacy no longer part of WebMd. I also have concluded that this site is no longer monitored. I also believe Dr Stacy and Haylen would have said good by if they could have. I have been contemplating sending email to Dr Stacy at Duke. What do you think? Would this be unacceptable?
    There are none so blind as those that will not see
    lovedogs1955 replied to worn1's response:
    I tend to agree with you about this site no longer being monitored, which really ticks me off. I feel like WebMD has left all of us hanging out to dry. I would think trying to contact Dr. Stacy at Duke would be reasonable since we have tried all other methods suggested by this site.

    I'm still willing to share my email with other Parkinson's patients. Worn1 I believe I recall that you and I both live in the DC metro area. I wonder how many others of us are around here.

    Keep us posted on how your email search goes. I'll try to check on him as well
    worn1 replied to lovedogs1955's response:
    lovedogs1955 while searching for Dr Stacy's email address I discovered some interesting info on treatment. A while back I asked Dr Stacy about GDNF. I discovered he did some research on this. Wish I had known I would have really picked his brain. I discovered some information on different treatments GDNF.html
    I hope that address is correct. They are simple but i still transcribe them wrong.
    let me know what you think. There are some natural herbs in there if i remember correctly.
    There are none so blind as those that will not see
    lovedogs1955 replied to worn1's response:
    I read that article you sent the link to, worn1. I must admit that some of the terminology (that I used to read without difficulty) was confusing to me. It does look interesting and I would be curious to know more about it. I didn't pick up any herbs in the content, but I'll take another look.

    Any luck with finding Dr Stacey's contact information? I wish there was a way to give you my email address without the whole world seeing on this stie!
    worn1 replied to lovedogs1955's response:
    lovedogs1955 could you take a look at reply:bladder control. I cannot answer her question. It is out of my area of expertise. I thought as a nurse you would be able to answer her question.
    To answer your question :
    at the bottom of the page is a list of links
    the one with herbs is
    I think I am going to explore this sight some more. No telling what I will find.
    There are none so blind as those that will not see
    worn1 replied to worn1's response:
    ok lovedogs1955 this is my email address
    I can always change it if I start getting wierdos
    There are none so blind as those that will not see

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