An_254807 posted:
Hey, i'm 15 year old ,and almost two days i'm starting to shaking (head legs and my (more in the legs its not very big shaking its slightly) I Don't think someone of my family has this disease i think no one because i didn't saw someone of my family with this disease
5 years ago I had head injury and I Loss of consciousness and
two days now i'm have shaking!
I also have fear for no reason!
do i have this disease or something else?
Also I feel weak
atti_editor responded:

I think it's important you talk to your doctor about these symptoms. Especially since you feel like it may be related to a previous head injury. The sooner you get these symptoms addressed, the sooner you can hopefully get some relief.

Please let us know how you're doing once you've talked to your doctor.

-Atti[br> [br>