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dizziness, pain in left side of fac
mom2rory posted:
Hello, I have been experiencing dizziness atleast once a day for a few months now. The dizziness is only when I lay down to play with my son or lay down in bed at night and sometimes when I roll over too fast . It does not last long, if I close my eyes to refocus and open again it is gone. More recently have had sharp pains in random spots of my head. They do not last long. One Monday I had an episode when I bent down to put my son down and I almost fell over. I was dizzy and wobbly. I had to call someone to watch my son for a little bit until it past....2+ hours. I went to the dr's and he ordered a cat scan but didn't seemed concerned. I wish he had ordered blood work too. Anyway later that night I had a real sharp pain in the upper left side of my head, above my eye that seemed to radiate down the side of my face. It is now Friday and I have had a constant pain/numb like feeling (almost like when novicane is wearing off) on the far left side of my face and pain behind my eye that comes and goes. Along with off and on headaches. I was talking to a dr friend today and she suggested I get blood work done and was able to get me an apt with a neurologist on Tuesday. Anybody ever experience anything like this?? I am very nervous thinking of all the possible things it could be. Thank you!
Lifes responded:
Here's a VERY good explanation of dizziness and what Drs check for in an ofice exam. Note that toward the bottom of the page, the Dr writes: "For some reason doctors and patients think first about brain tumors when dealing with dizziness. In fact, serious problems like this are very rare. One rare benign tumor that everyone seems to worry about is an acoustic neuroma or schwannoma (pictured above). Almost everyone ends up getting an MRI or CT brain scan to look for this rare entity which most of the time causes hearing loss in one ear." Most times dizziness has less to do with the brain and much more to do with the ears, the neck, or lower-- the heart, heart rate, blood pressure, etc. You may have inflammation which is irritating the facial nerves, causing numbness. Write again after you read that webpage. Does any of it seem to "fit" what you experience? Lifes
TBONE1957 responded:
Hi mom2rory, I just read your posting and thought i'd respond. I don't noramlly respond but i had such similar symptoms that i felt compeled to share my results and the findings from what happened to me. I started with and ear ache in the left ear. sounds of wind rushing and heart pulsing in the left ear. Dr started me on an antibiotic but didn't work. i had dizzy spells that would only happen when i turned my head to the left or right and if i moved fast or when i got up to walk some where. It would put me right down on my knees. it would take 30 seconds to a minute for them to stop and then i would be fine. they started getting longer and longer. the pain behind my left eye was getting sharper. the same side as my ear ache. so i'd have and ear ache and a pain behind the eye also when i had this dizziness and the sound of pulsing in my ear and wind rushs also in the ear. One day i staggered into the dr.s office no balance from the inner ear thing happening and they ran me right in for and MRI. SHOWED NOTHING WroNG. I knew different. this went on for over 4 years. finally i had a bad veritgo episode and they put me in the hospital for tests and this MRI showed a brain tumor. A meningioma in my left frontal lobe right over the left eye and left ear where i was experincing the problems. It took 4 years for it to finally show in the MRI. they did brain surgery in June of 2006 and removed an orange sized tumor, fast growing at that point , no cancer ,from my head. i recovered fine but still had this dizziness for a year afterwards! drs did tons of tests. THE ONLY TEST THAT FOUND WHAT I ACTUALLY HAD WAS AND "MRA". It is a scan of your arteries in your head and neck. this scan showed us that i had a blocked vertebral artery in my neck on the right side. It was a miracle that they found it and put me immediatly on Plavix and it stopped all of the dizziness and the weird pains in my head. It was just a miricale to take that plavix and have it all go away! Please have your dr do and MRA and ask him about Plavix. also go visit your eye DR. He was a BIG solution to my puzzle! he was the one that found the stroke symptoms i was about to have from the blocked artery. If you want any more information from me. Please email me. . I'm not a Dr or any specialist, i'm just a person that lived through a very similar situation that you are going through. It took them years to find out these details and the suffering that i went through was unbelievable. I don't know if this will be your out come but you need to start tracking your symptoms writing everything down by dates. i have 4 years of journaling of my symptoms to read of when and where and what i ate to find this problem. Also stop your caffeine intake! very highly responsive to this condition. I have always been a very healthy person never sick and to have my first surgery be brain surgery was pretty scary but these dr.s are so wonderful with what they can do. I am now through it and i feel great and i just continue to take my life saving Plavix to make me normal again! I hope some of this information will help you in your quest for answers. I wish i would have had it when i was searching for anything similar on Webmd. Good luck and keep after your dr.s to discover the source of the problem. It took me 4 years to find mine! God speed to you. I will pray for your recovery from this condition.
MaggieS921 responded:
If you are in the Chicago area, consider visiting Dr. Michele Kehrer at LifeStyle Physical Therapy & Balance Center - her expertise is evaluating and treating individuals with dizziness and balance disorders. Her Web site is: If you don't live near Chicago, give them a call and perhaps they can put you in touch with a balance center closer to where you live. Best, Maggie
BrigM responded:
I suffer from facial twitching I had to to go to a movement disorder clinic to get diagnosed after 7 years complaining of it. Dystonia to be precise. good look
MiraLoma responded:
I've seen 3 doctors about my pain & dizziness. I've had pain & dizziness for four months now. I now have sharp pains all over my body & am now constantly dizzy. My pains are on one side of my body for a while, then they go to the other side of my body. I do get the pain in my face & eyes. None of the tests my doctors have done have given them any answers. I've had MRI's, blood tests, & various other tests. I just returned from UCLA Medical Center & so far, no one knows what this is. I will see another doctor (at UCLA) next month.
honeyluvme2 replied to TBONE1957's response:
Thank you for your post my mom was just in the hospital and the MRI did not show nothing nor did the blood test then again i have no idea what they ordered... my mom has been dealing with this dizzyness and deteriorating vision for some time and wednesday she was so bad she could not get out of bed it was almost paralyzing they gave her 3 types of anti virtigo meds and nothing is working they discharged her with myclazin i think thats how its spelled.. but nothing is working.. i am afraid of a different type of cancer... She is a 11year B/Cancer survivor...I am afraid this Kaiser system is going to let my mom go undiagnosed and they have an automatic arbitration they patients dont have a choice to sign or decline?

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