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Re: Parkinson
An_221470 posted:
My 82 yr old mother, has had Parkinson for almost 10 yrs, she has taken some very bad falls. She complains at times that her feet are sinking into the floor, when she is walking, is this also a symptom of Parkinson Disease.

Thank you in advance for any response.
Mark A Stacy, MD responded:
Hi, Anon_7321,
It sounds like she may have a symptom we call "freezing," an inability to start walking or frequent disruption of walking in which her feet are stuck in one place. It is a PD symptom, and a very difficult problem to treat. Rarely, it is associated with a high dosage of a dopamine agonist (like Requip or Mirapex), and can improve somewhat with a reduction in these medications. It also may respond a bit by visual cues - and she can practice stepping over a line in the floor - or by "marching." President Harry Truman was thought to have PD in his later years, and would march to a cadence for his daily walks - but had trouble with walking at other times.

I would also suggest that she have some physical therapy by a therapist with experience in PD.
sl52 replied to Mark A Stacy, MD's response:
Thank you very much Dr. Stacy for your reply, my mom also takes sinemet 25-100 twice a day, I will inquire about PT therapy for her with someone who has experience in PD.