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Symptoms that go away and have not returned
njladyluck posted:
Dr. Stacy can you explain to me why these symptoms happened and then disappeared. About 2 years prior to diagnosis I noticed jaw tremors that lasted about a year but stopped when my hand tremors started . About a year prior to diagnosis 3 times my right leg froze when I started to walk and I had to coax to walk and then for about 2 months only, I would wake up at night because I was having trouble turning in bed — but that stopped. Why did these symptoms happen and then go away. And these symptoms disappeared on their own before my knowledge of mine having PD and without meds. Not complaining that they went away but trying to understand it all. I am 62 and when 61 I was diagnosed with PD. The tremoring is my left hand, left leg and foot started in 2/10/11 diagnosed 7/7/10
Mark A Stacy, MD responded:
I really cannot explain why symptoms appeared and then disappeared. However, some patients will have a marked worsening of PD symptoms during times of stress - either emotionally or from another illness. Perhaps, you were on the brink of developing symptoms that would be present all the time, and another illness or stress caused them to appear. When the event resolved, then your PD Symptoms receded back to a pre-symptomatic time.
njladyluck replied to Mark A Stacy, MD's response:
Thanks again Dr. Stacy for your help!!!! Only a year diagnosed and I wish I could put my head in the sand and it would all just go away. For 6 months the Azilect seemed to relieve all the symptoms but now some of the symptoms are breaking through.
Anon_8349 replied to Mark A Stacy, MD's response:
Why do PD symptoms recede and then come back with a vengance? How common is this?
Mark A Stacy, MD replied to Anon_8349's response:
Dear Anon_8349
I do not think we can know this for sure, but I suspect there are times when all of us feel better than other times. In the case of PD symptoms, it is well known that in times of severe stress, the symptoms can get worse. It may be that during times of joy that they may even get much better.

It may be that this is the source for your roller coaster, but other than that, I do not know.
lovedogs1955 replied to Mark A Stacy, MD's response:
Man, PD sure is a complicated and indivualized thing, isn't it? I am thankful for the forum here on this website.

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