Painful Leg and Moving Toe Syndrome
midwestgal28 posted:
I was diagnosed with this condition and the pain is so unbearable. I am taking valium three times a day and elavil at night for pain. It doesnt work because the pain is like a creeping crawling sensation and all I can do is cry
granbaker responded:
I have been diagnosed with early onset of Parkinson for 4 years. I also have RLS. I was perscribed Ropineral and it helps with the RLS. I know it can drive you crazy but I don't think valium is the answer. It is so addictive and very hard to deox. Let me know how you are doing.
FirstSG responded:
I'm 40 and was diagnosed in early 2011. I also have severe leg pain. My doctor put me on Ametriptelyne (75mg). I didn't think it was working.....until I stopped taking it and the pain returned. It works great for me and is definitely better than Valium. Hope this helps.