Do you have vivid dreams?
Mark Stacy, MD posted:
Vivid dreams in Parkinson's Disease are quite common. They may be accompanied by yelling or thrashing about during sleep. If this is occurring, it may represent a condition called REM-sleep Behavior Disorder. It is important to talk about this with your doctor, and for you to realize that when these dreams occur, they are not the same as hallucinations. Treatment of REM-sleep Behavior Disorder is different from treatment for hallucinations.
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patton48 responded:
My friend was diagnosed with Parkinson's a few years ago. He was in Vietnam in the 60s and exposed to agent orange. Fortunately, the VA is stepping up.
How is REM disorder treated? He fights and thrashes in his sleep quite often.


Pat K.
atti_editor replied to patton48's response:
Hi Pat,

Here is some information on medications that are effective in treating REM sleep behavior disorder that your friend may want to speak with his doctor about. Also, here are some suggestions of things he can do to help prevent injury to himself or his sleep partner.

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