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Help; dog's breathing labored; trouble walking; had pups 5 days ago
anamission posted:
My dog is not doing well. Temp is 103. She is dazed, having trouble standing, moving, walking; can't get settled; trying to hide away; she had puppies 5 days ago; has been healthy! This is her 2 litter with me. 2 others before I owned her. Went to urinate fine about an hour ago. This has been happening for about an hour. She doesn't want to nurse. I tried ice on her teats b/c thought maybe engorged. Urinary infection? Stroke?
Bonnie Beaver, BS, DVM, MS responded:
I'm sorry for the delay, but I just read this. PLEASE take her to your veterinarian right away, if you haven't already. This could not only be very serious for her but for her puppies too. Don't wait.
anamission replied to Bonnie Beaver, BS, DVM, MS's response:
Yes, we went to the ER vet after paying an online vet to give me an idea of what she might have. She had eclampsia and the online vet was correct. So, after receiving an IV of calcium she was good to go again. We went home with three syringes of calcium to put into her IV port just in case, but she did not need them. Thankfully, after giving milk on the way to the ER that helped her get stronger enough to slow down the killing process. Now, she is on about 4 oz. of milk a day until the pups are weaned. All dogs are healthy and doing wonderful. Thank the Lord for the online vets and ER ones too!