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Pitbull with blood shot eyes
tiffedbriggs1018 posted:
I just started noticing that my pit 's eye have been bloodshot letely. It seems to be worse when she had been active outside. what could be going on.
Bernadine Cruz, DVM responded:
This is the season when many pets and their owners are suffering from allergies. This may be the cause of your pit bull's red eyes. There are however other reasons ranging from glaucoma, to infections to foreign material caught under the eyelids. I don't like taking chances with eyesight. It is too precious. Your dog needs to be seen by a veterinarian. Don't try using our over the counter eye drops for this condition. They can be very irritating.

All the best...
Dr. Bernadine
MSettle78 replied to Bernadine Cruz, DVM's response:
If you have a red nose pitbull then its part of her breed. Mine whenever shes stressed, worried, sad, mad, happy lol anything other than calm her belly, mouth, ears and eyes get pink also her eyes get bloodshot ! Also when she gets in from outside her eyes are always like that because shes very sensative to outside allergys