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My dog eats his poop!!!! Yuck...
MaryAnne0210 posted:
... and I can't take it anymore! It's like his after-dinner dessert!!! Ugh... I've seen the things at the pet store to put in their food to get this to stop but I feed them a preservative/grain-free diet and I want to make sure this won't be something to divert from that. Is there anything else I can do shy of picking it up immediately (tho sometimes they go where I don't have any light to see) to help this situation???
buster219 responded:
you can sprinkle cayene pepper on it and that may stop them.
Violets_are_Blue responded:
I've heard that feeding them a bit of pineapple can help. It apparently makes their stool taste horrible, even for them. Fresh or canned should not matter. I'm not sure how much he weighs, but a small amount (like a couple of pieces) after dinner should be sufficient. If he does not like pineapple or it causes stomach upset, stop immediately. It may make him have some ripe gas since it does cause the stool to taste horrible.

Your vet may carry an item called For-Bid which is a dietary supplement you put on their food. I am not sure of the ingredients in it but it also helps to deter dogs from consuming their stool
Ann Hohenhaus, DVM, DACVIM replied to Violets_are_Blue's response:
Dear MaryAnne0210
One of my patients was doing this. Like Violets suggested I had the owner try pineapple and spinach in the food. She sprinkled meat tendarizer on the food. Ultimately I think she just grew out of it.
Ann Hohenhaus