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My Cats hair is thinning
An_220888 posted:
I have a long haired cat who I brush because he sheds a lot. I was brushing him today and I noticed that I was getting a lot more hair than normal. After I finished grooming him, I noticed that he has patches on his back where is hair has really thinned out. He usually has a lot of hair and it seems thick, but now its thin and there is not a lot of hair. What is going on? Is he sick? Should I take him to the vet?
Ernie Ward, DVM responded:
I recommend you take your balding baby to your vet! Possible causes of hair loss in cats include ringworm, allergic dermatitis, skin infections and anxiety-related excessive grooming, to name but a few. Diet also plays a vital role in maintaining a healthy coat. I recommend all my dog and cat patients (and their owners) take daily omega-3 fatty acid supplements.