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Prego dog??
An_220910 posted:
Can a dog have symptoms of being pregn. and not be?
Violets_are_Blue responded:
Yes. It's called a false pregnancy and they can and do act like they are pregnant. To be sure that she isn't pregnant, you would need to do an ultrasound to determine if there are any puppies present.

If she is not intended for breeding and she is not pregnant, it would be best to have her spayed no matter what her age!
ponyrun2 responded:
Yes... It's called a false pregnancy.... they can even go as far as starting to produce milk...
Ernie Ward, DVM responded:
Everyone wins a prize! Yes, your dog may be experiencing a false pregnancy. I always recommend your dog be examined in the event it is a hormonal imbalance due to a more serious condition.

Dr. Ernie