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blood in stool
dac1961 posted:
the last couple of day's my dog has had diaria and today a little blood.
kittylover55 responded:
I don't know what is wrong with your dog but I think that something is wrong with his system. The dog just might have a cold or something of that nature.

Does your dog still eat its food? Is he acting lathargic(tired) and not doing anything else? Is your dog drinking water?

If your dog isn't eating or drinking or acting like him/herself then you should immediately take it to the vet.
Ernie Ward, DVM responded:
Lots of possibilities...

First step is to see your vet. Diarrhea and bloody feces are nothing to take mildly. Hopefully it's something minor (intestinal parasites, stress colitis, diet, etc.) but it could be a subtle sign of a more serious condition.

Good luck with your baby,

Dr. Ernie
dac1961 replied to Ernie Ward, DVM's response:
Thank you so much. She now has trown up, but no more Diarrhea