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What kind of pain killers are safe for pets
eve_rms posted:
My pet is going to have surgery this week and the vet wants me to buy some pain killers for my dog after surgery but they are way to expensive. I can bearly afford to pay for the surgery but I dont want my dog to be in pain after surgery. What can I give him that will help him with the pain but also be safe for him?
Sandy Willis, DVM, DACVIM responded:
Dear Eve rms,

Ask your veterinarian two questions: 1. What pain medications do they recommend that would be the least expensive and if none, then 2. What over the counter medications, and dose, of pain medications would they recommmend?

Many human pain medications such as the nonsteroidals are very toxic to dogs and cats. We do occasionally use baby aspirin but I would seek your veterinarian's recommendation on that as aspirin can cause some tendency to bleed.

Perhaps you can use the pain medications they recommend a bit less often or for a shorter period of time to limit costs.

In veterinary medicine, we have made significant advances in recommending and treating pain that have made recovery from surgery much more comfortable for our pets.

I hope this helps.

Dr. Sandy
Yankiewoman responded:
My vet recommends prescription Tramadol. 30 day supply at Wal-Mart is $4
Do not get Ultram, it is the sister to Tramadol but has Tylenol in it.

Or Rymadyl available through your vet
rohvannyn replied to Yankiewoman's response:
Tramadol is the generic for Ultram. The only difference is the manufacturor. Ultracet is the brand name for Tramadol-acetaminophen. However, the Tramadol is a lot cheaper than the Ultram!