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Pets are like babies...
MaryAnne0210 posted:
I have spent a lot of time on this site over the past month. It has helped me with small and big issues. I can see by reading other's posts that this is a fairly tolerable site based on the way some questions are answered and how others are not. I appreciate that not everyone can afford veterinary care but please think about this: every day "pets" are mistreated or even die because a pet owner didn't take proper care of their animal. "Pet owners" drop off animals to pounds regularly because they can't/won't afford the medical bills when the pet gets sick or just allows it to die. Not every ailing pet can find a new owner. But my bigger question is: would you do this to your children? to your elderly parents? Its wonderful to know that there are 'no-kill' shelters but they can only hold so many animals.

I've read some postings on this site which make me sad, angry, and just confused as to how anyone can say "I can't afford a vet". Please realize, a pet is usually a 10 year investment. A pet needs to eat, needs vacines, and NEEDS health care as much as your human family members do. They can't tell you when they hurt, but for those who have ailments you can physically see and you aren't addressing it, then you are not only NOT being a good pet owner but, in some cases, you may be breaking the law. There are laws about the mistreatment of animals for a reason.

The ASPCA and the Humane Society both can give you more information re: Pet Insurance. You can ask your vet about payment plans. There is a way to keep your pet while keeping your pet healthy all at the same time.

If your pet needs immediate care, please seek medical attention. You don't need a web-site to tell you this.
duaneac responded:
Thank you. Unfortunately, these inhumane people who don't have the kind of commitment you and I have for our animal companions aren't going to be moved by your impassioned plea. Sorry, I just don't have much faith in many humans.
Ernie Ward, DVM responded:
Well-said, MaryAnne0210. Wags, Dr. Ernie
MaryAnne0210 replied to duaneac's response:
I'm not so sure it's about commitment, honestly, I think its more about caring - I really don't think that some people think animals have the same sort of 'feelings' that we as humans do. I have lived in several places in this world where dogs just aren't viewed as importantly in a human's life. They buy dogs then let them fend for themselves - ending up hit by cars or finding food wherever they can find it. I currently live in a city with a HIGH population of homeless people. Where I get that having a dog for a companion may get them through the day, I wonder what they do when the dog simply can't walk w/ them anymore - or more importantly, if they can't get food for themselves, how do they feed a dog????

Animals are not disposable! You can't allow them to suffer in silence. I will continue for the rest of my life remember watching on 20/20 a Humane Society Documentary taken in China of a dog being skinned alive because they believed that the fur was softer - and all the while the dog's tail was wagging at it's "owner"..... heart wrenching!!! If your dog has a tumor the size of a basketball on its neck and your husband thinks it should live its life like that then I'll say it again - would you allow your child/elderly family member to live that way????


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