Neocort--Over the counter?
DavidnLalaLand posted:
I have two dogs, both with need of treatments for "hot spots".
I have read some review and expert advice on WebMD/Pet Health.
I will use Betadine during the baths but not familiar with Nolvason? Is this a shampoo that can be purchased in most pet stores like Petco?

Also, it states to apply Panalog and or Neocort?
Im familiar with cortisone products sold over the counter and have wondered if that would work on pets?
Please share your experiences and success's with what works.
Thank You
MaryAnne0210 responded:
I have a Flatcoat Retriever who spent his time suffering from hot spots - generally Prednazone (Rx) is what helped - nothing topical ever helped. Also, shaving him helped. The problems mostly was living in areas when we didn't have AC and we would warmer days are usually what triggered his episodes. Good luck!
Violets_are_Blue responded:
Nolvason is an antibiotic ointment available through veterinarians. It's used mostly on skin infections and open and drainin abscesses.