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dog "flu-like" symptoms
vickeryjm posted:
Last week my 50lb dog started out with vomiting, then diarhea. When given food or treats it started again, so I spent the week feeding her only chicken and rice. She is better, but now my 9lb dog started the same symptoms a week later. Is it possible for dogs to catch a flu-like illness from each other? I did not keep them seperate bc I didn't think dogs would catch illnesses from one another. My poor little yorkie won't eat or drink anything, but am going try try canned pumpkin later.
Ernie Ward, DVM responded:
My, that's a lot of illness for one household. reminds me of when my kids were 2 to 3 years old...Sunday School sniffles...

Back to your doggies - yes, they can transmit many infections to each other (hence the need for vaccines). However, don't forget that there may be another explanation: contaminated food, treats or contact with other dogs.

This is also an example of how seeking veterinary care early may have prevented another dog contracting an illness. I get especially nervous when I see toy and miniature breeds ill. They are so delicate and fragile that their condition can literally go from normal to near-death within hours.

Hope everyone's back to normal. Dr. Ernie