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Can coated asprin help fight the symptoms of congestive heart failure??
An_220997 posted:
i read that a coated asprin may help... It seems to have helped stop the gagging/coughing but not the heavy breathing... My dog is 12yrs old im not sure if theres much more i can do 4 her.. being that vet visits are so expensive...
Ernie Ward, DVM responded:
Be careful with aspirin; it can cause bleeding stomach ulcers in dogs. There are many, many treatments available from your vet. Don't forget to ask about generic drugs or a discount pharmacy program (WalMart, CVS, etc). Heart disease is not something you can treat on your own. You owe it to your best buddy to make a visit to your vet. Get an estimate, tell them your situation and you'll be surprised how inexpensive it may be.

Good luck, Dr. Ernie