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dog shedding year-round
BRET49 posted:
I have a 10 year old neutered lab/chow mix, his shedding is driving me crazy, I vacuum the carpet twice daily, i feed him alpo canned various lamb, chicken,beef w/rice combination once daily then i keep a bowl of dry Kibbles&bits, chicken&beef ready for him to nibble on. Does anyone have any ideas? Please....,anyone?
Annie_WebMD_Staff responded:
Hi BRET49,

Unfortunately some dog breeds and mixes do shed a lot! My dog is one of them -- she is a lab, golden, border collie cross. I just learn to live with the pet hair for the most part! I do put big bath towels on my auto carpet and seats where my dog sits in the van so that it's easy to pull the towels out and it limits the amount of fur that has to be vacuumed up.

A lint roller is handy to pick up obvious hair. Limiting your dog's access to certain parts of your home may help too. My dog gets daily brushings but it's still a lot of pet hair that gets all over.

- Annie
ponyrun2 responded:
I have been told that living under artificial lighting and air conditioning can change a dogs natural seasonal/hormonal shedding patterns... not much you can do about it, except like Annie suggests, and invest in some good lint rollers...

Brushing (or combing, depending on his coat type) a couple times a week will help... be sure to do it outdoors if possible...
BRET49 replied to Annie_WebMD_Staff's response:
Thank you so much for your prompt reply, I'm doing all the things suggested and I've put down towels to catch most of the hair. I was thinking about changing his diet if need be. Thank you again. Bret49.
BRET49 replied to ponyrun2's response:
Thank you also, for the prompt reply, as I've told annie, I'm thinking of changing Maxx's diet, hoping for somewhat of an improvement, also, we have been using the a/c in the house and in my truck, I have an 08' Silverado with fabric seats and the hair gets "entertwined" in the fabric, requiring the use of tweasers after the lintroller to get all the hair out. Thank's again. Bret49.
tx2GSD responded:
My 2 german shepherds (age 5 yrs) shed year round. Thev''ve been in the house for the past year and I've never seen so much doghair! Especially in spring when the hair comes out in tufts all over (undercoat).
BUT... last month at my vet's the asst. started grooming one of them with the Furminator tool. I'd seen it but thought it couldn't be worth the $$. After about 10 strokes and a huge pile of hair the size of a cat, I was convinced.
I bought one and used it a couple of times each week and wow what a difference. Their shedding isn't a fourth of what it had been.
I never would have believed it if I hadn't seen it.
tx2GSD replied to tx2GSD's response:
I found an easy, quick way to clean up hair from upholstery -put on a rubber glove and stroke in one direction...
I buy a cheap box of 100 disposable gloves, and I've found soooo many uses for them!
good luck, Bret49.
BRET49 replied to tx2GSD's response:
Thank you also for responding so quickly, you called that tool a "Furminator"? Where can I find one and do you mind telling me the price? I'm not wealthy but, i don't care what it costs, I'd like to buy one. Thank's again. Bret49.
Violets_are_Blue replied to BRET49's response:
A small version runs about $40 in stores but if you visit, they have them for a discounted price. Bamboo used to carry a similar tool but it seems they have discontinued it.
Jlynnl replied to Violets_are_Blue's response:
I purchased a ShedEnder for my dog. They are expensive in the stores (50 for a large one) but I got one on Amazon for 27. Best investment I've ever made....
BRET49 replied to Violets_are_Blue's response:
Thank you also for the rapid response, i've gotten so many replies from so many wonderful, helpful people, i'm nearly overwhelmed, I've got to pick this miracle up VERY SOON! Thank you all so very much! Bret49.


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