Friday Fuzzies ? Do you celebrate your pet?s birthday?
Annie_WebMD_Staff posted:
Friday Fuzzies — Do you celebrate your pet's birthday?

If you know when your pet was born, do you celebrate your pet's birthday? Or even if you don't know their birth date, do you make up a birthday and celebrate with a cake and presents?

My family has always celebrated our pets' birthdays. We get cupcakes; light a candle, sing "Happy Birthday", take photos, and open presents for our pets. Our cat Charlie just turned 1, so he got a new toy mouse that squeaks when it moves! I think he had a lot of fun batting it around like it was a real mouse!

What birthday tales do you have? Share them here!

- Annie

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jselleck responded:
My cat Bubby was a shelter baby so when we have the money to celebrate we make a donation to our local animal shelter in his honor. Money is tight and we've only been able to do it twice, but it's something sweet to do.
larsstarscanary responded:
I celebrate my cats' birthdays. They used to run when I would sing Happy Birthday to them. Now they seem to enjoy the attention. I know their birthdays and their zodiac sign readings