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bitsiesmom posted:
mY CAT IS 7 YEARS OLD. sHE RECENTLY INJURED HER tail, we took her to the vet, and she gave us some pain pills, and she seemed fine. About 10/14 we came home to find our that our other cat had died. Now Bitsie, the cat who injured her tail, is sick. She isn't eating, and is drinking slightly, and is keeping to herself. The doctor thinks that she may hav injured her tail more seriously, and wants to amputate it. She performed some routing bloodwork, and found that her liver enzimes were elevated(1500) I don't know what to do, my financial resourses are limited.
Ernie Ward, DVM responded:
I am so sorry to hear of your loss.

I believe it is VERY important to investigate the liver elevations in your cat. Many diseases, including contagious disease, can cause liver enzyme elevations and exposure to toxic substances and trauma must also be considered.
Talk with your vet, tell them your budget and I'
m certain they'll work with you to help your kitty.

All my best, Dr. Ernie