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Spenser's Recovery After Surgery
Exchange_Blogs_Admin posted:
Because recovery from anesthesia after surgery requires close nursing supervision and monitoring, the pet's family members are not usually present to see what happens.Dr. Ann Hohenhaus takes us behind the scenes at the Animal Medical Center's (AMC) recovery room. Read her post, then come back here to share your comments and questions.
rockjdog responded:
Wonderful story. My dog was in the hospital recently. He had bloat. Thankfully we got him to a hospital on time and he is recovering. We were asked not to visit him the first 24 hours because of the added stress it may cause.

I can understand that but was surprised to hear it at first. I always thought a visit from family would help the pet heal.
Ann Hohenhaus, DVM, DACVIM replied to rockjdog's response:
Your vet was wise in his/her advice as a visit often upsets the pet. I will review the research on the topic of visiting a hospitalized pet in the near future.
Ann Hohenhaus