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Can my dog be pregnant by two males?
ChristmasAngelsMom posted:
I returned from a 6 day vacation, on September 30th, to find my female yorkie in heat. I had plans to breed her this heat cycle. One week later, on October 7th, I took her to the breeder and she stayed 5 nights. I picked her up on October 12th. The breeder stated she tied up with the male for brief periods each day and on the last day, she was tied for approximately 25 minutes. Now two weeks later, October 25th, I thought she was no longer in heat, I find her in my fenced yard with a small male tied up. Is it possible she could get pregnant two weeks apart and 3 1/2 weeks after her cycle started?
Ponyrun2 responded:
Yes.. from my research estrus (the time when the female will allow the male to mate with her) can last up to 3 weeks... and, theoretically, every puppy could have a different father...

I have a brother and sister from the same litter that don't look at all alike... and there were 2 other girls in the litter that didn't look like mine either....
Bonnie Beaver, BS, DVM, MS responded:
You actually have a couple of complex answers for your questions. First, it is possible for a female dog to carry puppies that were sired by more than one male dog. But relative to this is how long can an estrus cycle be. The typical cycle is 7 days coming into heat, 7 days in heat and 7 days out but this is "average." Some females will stand for a male even when not in heat, others will not stand even if in full heat. Dogs that go through the first heat can have an abbreviated heat and then come back in a few weeks later. See how complex this can get. Only time will tell you if your yorkie is actually pregnant and then if there is more than one puppy, whether the 2 puppies might actually be from different fathers.

No straight forward answers except that puppies can have more than 2 fathers for the same litter.
ChristmasAngelsMom replied to Bonnie Beaver, BS, DVM, MS's response:
Thanks for your response. My concern is if she could have gotten pregnant by both dogs - two weeks apart - will all the puppies be okay. Will the puppies from the second male be ready when the puppies from the first male are ready.
Ponyrun2 replied to ChristmasAngelsMom's response:
The vets can correct me on this but I don't think the fetal development stage begins until the female is out of heat so all the pups should be roughly the same gestational age...
ChristmasAngelsMom replied to Ponyrun2's response:
Thanks! I sure hope you are right.


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