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Dogs nose wont stop bleeing.
kinge36 posted:
Please help,

My dog has had 2 to 3 bloody noses in the past ten days. He is still eating and drinking fine and is still very playful. I took him to the vet and they checked him for heart worm and a tick infection and that was neg. They are also doing a complete chemistry panel on him, waiting for the results. Im just so scared of that is a tumor, everything i look up on the computer cancer always pops up. Everything i have read, where dogs were having the same symtoms, they had X-rays and didnt see anything, but the animal did have a tumor. Dont know if i even want to get an X-ray if its not gonna tell me anything. Im just very worried and scared. Any advice what i should do if blood work comes back normal and he keeps bleeding. It is only bleeding from the right nostril. I just was trying to hear some kind of hope from anyone.
kinge36 responded:
I forgot to put that is 2 to 3 bloody noses a day for the past ten days.
Ann Hohenhaus, DVM, DACVIM replied to kinge36's response:
a bloody nose is scary, but there are more causes than cancer. Nose xrays are hard to interpret and that is why I will typically recommend a CT scan. Happy nose story was of a Maltese - nasty stuff coming from the nose - turned out it was caused by a piece of Christmas tree snuffled up the nose. Fungal infections, sinus inflammation, weird parasite infections can all cause a bloody nose. It is best to follow your vet's diagnostic recommendations step by step which may lead to the need for a diagnostic procedure such as a nasal flush or nasal biospy.

Ann Hohenhaus