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Cat dragging her butt on carpet
An_221135 posted:
Our 5 year old indoor only kitty has been licking her behind, yowling, going to her litter box often, and very agitated for a couple of days. She's eating and drinking fine, her litter box has had plenty of normal bowel movements and urine, so she's going ok. We gave her some petromalt for hairballs yesterday and she gets brushed daily. This morning she was rushing through the house dragging her butt on the carpet. What could be wrong with her?
Bernadine Cruz, DVM responded:
Your kitty needs to be examined by your veterinarian. A painful bottom could be an issue with the anal glands, the scent glands located right inside the rectum. These glands can become infected, enlarged and actually rupture causing pain and bleeding. Other tissue in the area could be the source of the bum dragging. Please make an appointment first thing on Monday.

Dr. Bernadine Cruz
httpwwwcatlover replied to Bernadine Cruz, DVM's response:
We're going to get her in to the vet asap tomorrow, unless we can find someplace open on a Sunday. This morning I found a drop of blood in the spot in her box where she urinates (front of box), not where she does bowel movements (back of box). I am wondering if it's UTI? She's listless today, unlike the past two days when she was running around and playful.