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Sore in genital area
squiggy1222 posted:
My husband found a huge sore on our german sheperd dog in her genital area, it doesn't appear to be infected it is just this big sore, can someone give me some kind of idea what this may be?and how to treat this sore?

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Sandy Willis, DVM, DACVIM responded:
Hi Squiggy1222,

I am not really sure what this sore is. German sheperds can get some sores or fistulas around their anus, but sores and infections can come from many different sources in that area: trauma, grass awns, even bite wounds. In the short term, the area could be cleaned gently with hydrogen peroxide and a triple antibiotic creme applied, if she will let you do that. But I would contact your veterinarian to see exactly what the problem is and how best to treat it before it gets worse.
Dr. Sandy