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Spices and dogs
irescuedogsandcats posted:
Hi. My husband fixes a wet meal 3 times a week. The other days it's dry kibble. He cooks Rice and Hamburger (90/10). My problem is, I think he is using to much of the seasoning. He uses salt, pepper, approx 6-8 TBSP of garlic powder, Cajun Seasoning, same amount as the garlic,& McCormics Kickin Chicken seasoning.Is this too much?? We are feeding 2 Rat Terriers 1 and a half yr old and 4 yrs old , a year old Boxer, a year old a Bull terrier/Whippet x, 1 yr old. a Shep/Rottie x, 3 yrs old, a Dachshund 8yrs old and a 9 yr old Akita. Will this harm them in any way??
Violets_are_Blue responded:
Garlic has the potential for being toxic to dogs. How much depends on the size of the dog but there really is no formula for what is considered safe or not. The best prevention would be to avoid it all together.

In all honesty, they do not need to have seasoning at all. Your pups are probably happy for the human food without being bombarded with all the seasoning. As in humans, too much salt can cause hypertension and heart problems. I would worry more about the dogs not receiving the right vitamins and minerals on those days more than making the food taste good. It would be best to add some vegetables like steamed broccoli, carrots, green beans (if canned, strained and washed to remove excess salt) or cauliflower. Seasoning should not be used for these either.
Ernie Ward, DVM responded:
Talk about garlic breath! My advice is take it easy on the spices. Chances are in such small doses they pose minimal health threat, but why take the chance? Save the sauces and spices for yourself and focus on fresh, whole foods for your pooches!

Good luck, Dr. Ernie