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My lab over ate his food and has been bloated all day.
macluvin posted:
He was 1 in August. He got into the food bin, and ate a lot way too fast. He looks almost pregnant. he is usually outside all day, but he was in his crate today. He threw up multiple times and still looks bloated. Should I be concerned?
Violets_are_Blue responded:
If you came to ask here, you are concerned. Please do not wait for a reply which could take a few hours. It would be best to call your regular veterinarian or, if they are closed now, with an emergency clinic and ask the staff there. If he seems uncomfortable standing or experiences any other symptoms that are considered odd by you, please get him to a vet for peace of mind if nothing else.

I hope it is nothing serious and he just ate a little too much.
macluvin replied to Violets_are_Blue's response:

Thank you! He is still himself, full of energy, rubbing all the rain off. He just looks bloated.
macluvin replied to macluvin's response:
macluvin replied to macluvin's response:
Home2strays replied to macluvin's response:
what a beautiful dog! If he seems tender to touch his stomach I would get him to an emergency vet- I had a foster dog actually "bloat" where her stomach twisted. Unfortunatly the young vet I took her to was uncomfortable doing the surgery and persuaded me to wait until morning where my boss could do it at the clinic i worked at. He was able to remove the dead intestine but she ended dying 4 days later. If you think its a tummy ache then keep him home but if you even suspect something worse, from experience, get him looked at!
Ernie Ward, DVM responded:
Is this the destructive dog you just posted about? He should be taken to your vet immediately. Please let us know what you find out. Bloat and/or gastric-dilatation volvulus is a serious and life-threatening condition.

Dr. Ernie
macluvin replied to Ernie Ward, DVM's response:
He is one of the destructive dogs. He is fine days later now, and back to nomal. Thank you for all the advice.
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