Questions on bloat
Ann Hohenhaus, DVM, DACVIM posted:
I am posting my reply to questions from a reader in regards to bloat from this blogpost
Ann Hohenhaus

The reader asks if once a dogs stomach is "tacked" can it still have an emergency. The answer is YES. A bloated, but not twisted stomach can be so large it compromises blood flow and causes shock.

The reader reports a case of bloat managed by restricting acess to "hot" foods. Hot as defined by traditional Chinese medicine. Great theories in that medical system. I am just learning a bit about Chinese medicine but would say if the new diet prevents bloat and is nutritionally complete, great.

The reader also asks if stress, drinking large amounts of water, elevated or not elevated bowls, rawhides and running can precipitate bloat. All have been suggested as causes of bloat, but none proven. If you have instituted one of these interventions and they work, why change?

Finally GasEx - friend or foe. I have been struggling with a patient with recurrent bloat for the past year. He bloated several times on GasEx. What has finally helped is diagnosing inflammatory bowel disease and managing it. This has virtually eliminated the burping, flatuence and periodic abdominal distension and helped him gain back 6 pounds.